School of Basic Medical Sciences

Sub-Dean SBMS

OGUNLADE, Babatunde (Ph.D)

Group Leader, Neurobehavioral and Aging Lab Sub-Dean, School of Basic Medical Sciences Lecturer I/Researcher, Department of Anatomy Lecturer, Department of Human Anatomy Education University of Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria PhD Anatomy, May 2018.

Thesis title: Histomorphological and Immunohistochemical Responses to 1-Isothiocyanato 4(Methylsulfyn1)butane and D-Ribose-L-Cysteine on Puncture Induced intervertebral Disc Degeneration in Rabbit Model

M.Sc Anatomy, December 2012.

Thesis title: Histomorphological and Hematological evaluation of Nevirapine, Zidovudine and Lamivudine combination therapy on the liver and pancreas of pregnant rats and their fetuses.

Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomosho, Oyo State B.Tech., (Hons) Human Anatomy, November 2009.

Research profile online:

Personal email addresses: [email protected]

Contact Address: Department of Human Anatomy, School of Basic Medical Sciences, Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) Ondo 340252, Nigeria Phone: +234 8036318757

E-mail: [email protected]

Research Experience

Research Interest and Activities

My main research is tailored in the field of neurosciences with emphasis on using nutritional dietary supplements on neurodegenerative diseases. My overall research aim is to contribute significantly to understanding the mechanism and pathways involved in neuronal degeneration.

My previous research activities specifically examine how environmental toxicants pose significant effects on the body system specifically the nervous system. Overexposure to several environmental toxicants has shown to cause behavioral impairments, neuronal degeneration, and neuroglia damage to both developed and developing brains. Hence my research could help advance the understanding of the interplay between environmental toxicants and neurodegenerative disorders and the potential role of nutritional supplements as a treatment regimen.

My current research focuses on the understanding of relevant mechanisms involved in neuroprotection and regeneration following central nervous system damage leading to the development of a gene therapy strategy for neurodegeneration thereby evaluating the role of autophagy and calcium influx in axonal degeneration and regeneration as well as neuronal survival using in vitro and in vivo models of neurodegeneration.

Research Skills and Techniques Rodent (mice and rats) models, C. elegans model, behavioural analysis, histology, immunohistochemistry, western blotting, qPCR analysis, rodent brain dissection, rodent stereotaxic injection, microscopy (brightfield, fluorescence, confocal, and electron), digital image analysis (with Image J, QuantCenter), biostatistics

Academic Positions

Lecturer I/ Researcher (Oct 2019-till date)

Group Leader, Neurobehavioral and Aging Lab (Jan 2020-till date

Lecturer II / Researcher (Sept 2016-Sept 2019)

Department of Human Anatomy

o Design and execute researches in field of interest, as an independent early researcher.

o Provide mentorship to junior academic staff pursuing postgraduate degrees.

o Design and supervise research of undergraduate and graduate students, as well as provide mentorship.

o Teach anatomy and neuroscience courses to undergraduate students in basic medical


Lecturer II (Oct 2015-Sept 2016)

Department of Human Anatomy, University of Medical Sciences, Ondo, Ondo state


o Design and execute researches in field of interest.

o Teach anatomy courses to undergraduate basic medical science students.

Other Administrative Duties:

o Students’ Course Adviser and Level Coordinator

Subject taught and dates:

a) Gross Anatomy of the Lower limbs, Thorax and abdomen. 2015/2016 session


Gross Anatomy Demonstrator (Oct 2011- Dec 2012), Department of Anatomy, University of Lagos, Lagos state, Nigeria

Other Work Experience

Nursing Tutor (Oct 2014- Sep 2015), Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital Complex

 Taught advanced biology, introductory anatomy and physiology courses to nursing students

Corper Training Secretary (July 2010- June 2011)

National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Lagos State University College of Medicine, Lagos state, Nigeria.

Gross Anatomy Demonstrator.

Current Employment Subject taught and dates:

a) ANA 207 – General Histology; 2016/2017 First Semester

b) ANA 204 – Gross Anatomy of Thorax and Abdomen; 2016/2017 Second Semester

c) ANA 205 – Gross Anatomy of the lower limbs; 2017/2018 First Semester

d) ANA 207 – General Histology; 2017/2018 First Semester; 2018/2019 First semester

e) ANA 205 – Gross Anatomy of the Pelvis and perineum; 2017/2018 First Semester

f) ANA 302 – Head and Neck; 2017/2018 Second Semester

g) ANA 308 – Neuroanatomy; 2017/2018 Second Semester

h) ANA 303 – Systemic Histology of the Urogenital System; 2018/2019 First Semester

i) ANA 315 – Histochemistry, Cytochemistry and Immunohistochemistry; 2019/2020 First Semester

j) ANA 401 – Surface and Living Anatomy; 2018/2019 First Semester, 2019/2020 First Semester

k) ANA 403 – Applied and Radiological Anatomy; 2019/2020 First Semester

H-index – 10; Number of citations – >320 (Google scholar)

Links to list of peer-reviewed publications

Google Scholar:

Selected Published Journal Articles (Peer-reviewed)

1. Ogunlade B.; Fidelis O.P.; Afolayan, O.O.; Agie, J.A. (2021). Neurotherapeutic and antioxidant response of D-ribose-L-Cysteine nutritional dietary supplements on Alzheimer-type hippocampal neurodegeneration induced by cuprizone in adult male Wistar rat model. Food and Chemical Toxicology, 47(2021)111862–.doi:10.1016/j.fct.2020.111862.

2. S. C. Gbotolorun, C. C. Ezeife & B. Ogunlade (2021): Prenatal exposure of bonny light crude oil induces embryotoxicity, impaired cognitive functions and cortico-hippocampal neurodegeneration on fetal outcomes of pregnant Sprague-Dawley rats, Drug and Chemical Toxicology.

3. B. Ogunlade; S. A. Adelakun; B. K. Akinola; O. A. Adedotun. (2021). Histomorphometric and collagen fibers organization in annular punctured induced intervertebral disc degeneration in rabbit model: restorative and antioxidant role of Brassica oleracea. Advances in Traditional Medicine;

4. Ogunlade, S. A. Adelakun & J. A. Agie (2020): Nutritional supplementation of gallic acid ameliorates Alzheimer-type hippocampal neurodegeneration and cognitive impairment induced by aluminum chloride exposure in adult Wistar rats. Drug and Chemical Toxicology, DOI:10.1080/01480545.2020.1754849.

5. K. A. Iteire, A. T. Sowole & B. Ogunlade (2020): Exposure to pyrethroids induces behavioral impairments, neurofibrillary tangles and tau pathology in Alzheimer’s type neurodegeneration in adult Wistar rats. Drug and Chemical Toxicology, DOI:10.1080/01480545.2020.1778020.

6. Ogunlade B., Afolayan, O.O., Adelakun, S.A. (2020) Sulphoraphane supplementation ameliorates behavioural impairments and hippocampal neurodegeneration induced by lead exposure in adult Wistar rats. Nig. J. Neurosci. 11(2):88-98.

7. Adelakun SA; Ogunlade B; Olawuyi TS; Ojewale AO. (2021). Aqueous extract of Tetrapleura tetraptera fruit peels influence copulatory behavior and maintain testicular integrity in sexually mature male Sprague-Dawley rats: Pro-fertility evaluation and histomorphometry evidence. Current Research in Physiology 4: 7–16.

8. Ogunlade, B.; Ukwenya, V.O.; Adelakun, S.A.; Olawuyi, T.S. (2020). Nutritional dietary supplementation of D-Ribose-L-Cysteine ameliorates altered sperm parameters, hormone profile and testicular histomorphology in highly active antiretroviral therapy induced toxicity in adult male Wistar rat. PharmaNutrition, 13(2020), 100210–.doi:10.1016/j.phanu.2020.100210.

9. Ogunlade B., Fidelis O. P., Adelakun S. A., Adedotun O. A. (2020). Grape seed extract inhibits nucleus pulposus cell apoptosis and attenuates annular puncture induced intervertebral disc degeneration in rabbit model. Anat Cell Biol; 53(3): 313-324.

10. B. Ogunlade, Stella C. Gbotolorun & Abosede A. Ogunlade (2020): D-ribose-L-cysteine modulates lead acetate-induced hematobiochemical alterations, hormonal imbalance, and ovarian toxicity in adult female Wistar rats. Drug and Chemical Toxicology, DOI:10.1080/01480545.2020.1850756.

11. Adelakun S. A., Akintunde O.W., Ogunlade B. (2020). Fluoride-induced testicular degeneration and sperm quality deteriorations: Salutary role of Cyperus esculentus tubers (tiger nut) extract in animal model. Revista Internacional de Andrología. DOI: 10.1016/j.androl.2020.01.003.

12. Ogunlade B., Fidelis O. P., Adelakun S. A. (2020). Moringa oleifera via Antioxidants and Anti-Inflammatory Mediated Response Abates Aluminum Chloride-Induced Neurobehavioral Deficits and Hippocampal Neurodegeneration in Adult Male Wistar Rats. Journal of Anatomical Society of Nigeria.

13. Ogunlade B, Adelakun S, Iteire K. (2020). Sulforaphane response on aluminum-induced oxidative stress, alterations in sperm characterization and testicular histomorphometry in Wistar rats. Int J Reprod BioMed 2020; 18: 611–624.

14. Fidelis P. Obinna, Adelakun A. Sunday & Ogunlade B. (2020): Ergonomic assessment and health implications of classroom furniture designs in secondary schools: a case study, Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics Science, DOI: 10.1080/1463922X.2020.1753259.

15. O. P. Fidelis, B. Ogunlade, & S. A. Adelakun (2020): Incidence of School Furniture Mismatch and Health Implications in Primary School Children in Akure, South-West Nigeria, Journal of Occupational Therapy, Schools, & Early Intervention, DOI:10.1080/19411243.2020.1787292.

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36. Saalu, L.C.; Ogunlade B.; Ajayi, G.O.; Oyewopo, A.O. Akunna, G.G. Ogunmodede, O.S.;TheHepato-Protective Potentials Of MoringaOleiferaLeaf Extract On Alcohol-Induced Hepato-Toxicity In Wistar Rat; Am. J. Biotechnol. Mol. Sci., 2012, 2(1): 6-14.

37. Ogunlade B.; L.C. Saalu, O.S. Ogunmodede, G.G. Akunna, O.A. Adeeyo, G.O. Ajayi. (2012). The salutary role of Allium cepa extract on the liver histology, liver oxidative status and liver marker enzymes of rabbits submitted to alcohol- induced toxicity. American journal of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 2 (2): 67-81.

Conferences/Courses Attended with Paper(s) Presented

Anatomical Society of Nigeria Conference, Zaria, Nigeria: 2008

Experimental and Clinical Anatomist Conference, Lagos, Nigeria: 2014

Anatomical Society of Nigeria Conference, Ekiti, Nigeria: 2016

Membership of Professional Bodies:

 Member, Anatomical Society of Nigeria (ASN).

 Member, Society of Neuroscientist of Africa (SONA).

 Member, International Society for Neurochemistry (ISN).

 International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society (MDS)

 International Behavioral Neuroscience Society (IBNS)

 Society for Neuroscience (SfN)

Course/Symposium Organised

 Co-organize the maiden edition of the National Biomechanics Day in Nigeria at School of Basic Medical Science, Federal University of Technology, Akure. Nigeria. April 14, 2021.

Community Services and National Assignments

 RA Collation Officer, 2018 Osun State Governorship Election

 RA Collation Officer, 2019 General Election for Presidential, Federal and State House of Assembly, Ondo State.

Other Skills and Competencies

Computing Skills

 Microsoft Office package (MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Publisher)

 Statistical analysis with GraphPad Prism Package

 Image analysis with Image J, and similar imaging software


English: superior levels in listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

Yoruba: native language, intermediate speaker, advanced reading and writing, superior listening

Extra-Curricular Activities

Counselling, writing, watching sports