School of Basic Medical Sciences

Welcome to the School of Basic Medical Sciences


To promote basic medical and translational research that is driven by advances in modern technology for the well-being of community.


The School of Basic Medical Sciences (SBMS) commits to the attainment of new knowledge of the human body both in biological and physical terms, and to the application of technology-driven solutions to human health problems thtough integration of education, research and training for the benefit of learners and the community in general.

Specific Objectives

In keeping with the overall academic aims of the University, the School of Basic Medical Sciences (SBMS) will seek to:-

  • Contribute to national development, self-reliance and unity through the advancement and propagation of knowledge in the field of Basic Medical Sciences and using such knowledge for service to the community and humanity
  • Train physicians, nurses, pharmacists, medical laboratory scientists and other professionals in the field allied to medicine in degree and non-degree programmes; with such training emphasizing team approach to health care delivery.
  • Relate the training of all grades of health personnel both in aims and operations to national policies for health in order to provide comprehensive health care to the community for the promotion, maintenance, protection and restoration of health in rural and urban communities.
  • Understand and apply sophisticated/advanced procedures and equipment with a view to adopting, designing and innovating existing and future procedures and equipment for the needs of the country taking into account our infrastructural facilities, culture, health care needs, economic status and climatic conditions.
  • Promote a high standard of health care delivery within the catchment area.
  • Offer training of a standard that would enable the graduates build upon his/her professional knowledge and skills.